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The Sumba Foundation - helping people in need

Rita Alvy-TeeterComment

For a number of years, we've volunteered our time to help The Sumba Foundation, a a US based nonprofit, nongovernmental, 501c3 public charity dedicated to lessening the consequences of poverty on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba.

Visiting Sumba is a step back in time. Poverty is pervasive. Malaria is rampant. The needs of its people are tremendous. In response, volunteers for the Sumba Foundation have built clinics across the island, dug more than 60 water wells and built over 240 water stations to supply the Sumbanese with fresh, clean water. They have reduced malaria infection rates by 85%, built 16 primary schools, and have helped the people on the island become self-sufficient. And all while making sure that the island's cultural heritage remains intact.

It's an amazing story. Spend 10 minutes today to view a new video by the Sumba Foundation (and more Sumba videos here) and the story of what a few visionary people are doing to change the lives of so many people. It's a reminder of each of us that we can change the world for the better.