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Molokini Cove Hawaiian Tropical Fish Illustration

Rita Alvy-TeeterComment

There are few things we love more than going snorkeling or diving amid Hawaii’s spectacular tropical reefs. One of the most amazing is Molokini Crater, the crescent shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater near the Hawaiian island of Maui. 

Away from the crowds and protected by the caldera’s rim, Molokini Crater is an underwater paradise. Its shallows are home to more than 250 native species of dazzling sea life and a kaleidoscope of colorful coral. Molokini Crater is a veritable hall of fame of the ocean’s most beautiful tropical fish swimming through an azure ocean wonderland.

Molokai Crater Credit: iStock

Molokai Crater Credit: iStock

Inspired by the tranquility, shapes, sea life, and colors of Molokini Crater, we commissioned artist Jeff Fillbach to create a special illustration for our newest case for your iPhone, Android, or Google Pixel phone. You might know Jeff’s art from our best selling Tropical Paradise case, and with Molokini Cove, Jeff has done it again. Featuring colorful Angelfish, Butterfly Fish, Pennant Fish, Trigger Fish, Wrasse, Trumpetfish, Sea Tortoise (Honu), and many others, Molokini Cove is the perfect complement for your smartphone or tablet.


Now you can revisit the memories and magic of Hawaii’s tropical reefs wherever you go with our Molokini Cove Special Edition case. Available in both slim fit and protective versions, its joyous burst of colors and shapes will warm up even the gloomiest day. The tropics are calling. Why wait?